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Welcome to Casino Customer Service. As casino consultants we specialize in helping casinos measure, manage and train their associates. From casino mystery shopping & casino reputation reports to customer service training!  We make it fun and easy! If you are like most casino managers and executives you know that the answer to increased competition is excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter if you call them guests or visitors or friends we all know that they are the ones that pay the bills and we need to do what we can to insure that they have a great experience on our property and look forward to their next visit. We have been consulting casinos and resorts with all of their guest service measurement and improvement needs for over 20 years. We specialize in providing fun and an educational participant centered casino customer service training. We know that customer service is too important to be left to chance. You want people that are specialists in the casino business helping your team improve. We invite you to take a few minutes and tour the site. Email us with any questions or comments you may have! We look forward to putting our proven guest service improvement process to work for you! Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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