10 Tips for Stellar Casino Service

10 Tips for Stellar Casino Service

The ideas that casino employees can use to improve customer service are limited only by their enthusiasm and their imagination.  Any given week or day doesn’t have to be devoted to improving a particular aspect of guest service.  An effective customer service approach can come from a mixture of ideas.

Following are customer service tips that will help casino employees improve the experience their guests have when they walk through the door. 

Tip No. 1.  Greet your regulars by name.  It’s impressive when casino employees  remember a guest’s name because they realize they have been singled out from hundreds of other customers. 

Tip No. 2.  Smile while working and interacting with guests.  People want to stay and play at a happy, fun casino.  It’s up to you to create an environment of smiling.

Tip No. 3.  Look guests in the eye.  Make an impression by making eye contact with guests.  And be sure to have a cheerful look in your eye.

Tip No. 4.  Listen when guests talk.  Listening shows you care.  Listening also improves communication between you and your guests and good communication is essential to providing guests with the service they desire.

Tip No. 5.  Be aware of your nonverbal communication.  Nonverbal communication  that conveys a negative impression includes slouching, yawning, appearing angry, appearing bored and having a “whatever” attitude.  Nonverbal communication that conveys a positive impression includes smiling, looking approachable, being alert and showing pride in your job.

Tip No. 6.  Have a positive attitude.  Guests know whether a property’s employees have a good or bad attitude and they react to what they sense.  Always start the day with a positive attitude.  Create a bright attitude by listening to upbeat music, exercising in the morning, playing with your children or pets and avoiding stressful situations whenever possible.  Maintaining a positive attitude is one simple technique for creating top-notch customer service that will set your casino apart from the competition.

Tip No.  7.  Do something special for your guests.  That will always make them and you feel better.  This simple technique makes each guest feel like he or she is the most important person on the property that day.

Tip No. 8.  Be proactive for guests.  Think for guests so they don’t have to think for themselves.  The assistance you provide will be appreciated and recognized.  Being proactive could be as simple as wiping up a spill or giving a guest the inside track on what’s great at the restaurant.  Lost guests offer a perfect opportunity.  They may be looking for a restroom, the buffet or a way to get downstairs.  Whenever guests are lost, you have a chance to lend a hand and make them feel special.  Instead of telling the guest where the restroom or buffet is located, take the extra minute and walk them to it.  This makes a lasting impression.  Being proactive makes guests feel their welfare is always foremost in your mind as you go about your job.

Tip No. 9.  Take a lesson out of the Disney handbook.  Cleanliness is an integral part of customer service.  Therefore, you must keep the property clean and sparkling. If your guests have a good experience but the casino is dirty, it will be difficult to get them to come back.  Dirt and grime are a real turn-off for your customers.  You don’t want that to be the one thing they remember about your casino.  Not many people get up in the morning and say, “Let’s go over to that dirty casino.”

Tip No. 10.  Leave your ego at home.  That means you should forget about whatever title you have at work.  Everyone who works at a casino is in the guest service business.  Employee titles are meaningless.  Each employee must view guests as an opportunity to make a lasting positive impression.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.