3 Good Reasons NOT to Read This Casino Customer Service Newsletter

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Casino Customer Service
Solutions, Tactics and More

May 29, 2014

3 Good Reasons NOT to Read This Newsletter
  • Your casino’s parking lot is packed 24/7.
  • Customers clamor about your AMAZING guest service.
  • Revenues are skyrocketing.
Wait, what?  Oh, that was in the good old days not long ago.  You should read this newsletter because you need to get a leg up on the competition, create advocates instead of haters and boost the bottom line.Here’s a good place to start addressing all those issues – How Do You Make Casino Customer Service Training Better?


To learn more about creating a culture of service excellence, see below.

Size and Length Really Do Matter

Maximize the Investment You’ve Made in Training

Don’t stop now!  There’s more below on personal development and (on the lighter side) dogs eating ice cream.

Detour from Your Well-Worn Path

No, she’s not favoring one dog over the other.  Wait for it.

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