4 Casino Mystery Shopping Mistakes

Mystery shoppers provide casinos with a snapshot of what real guests experience at the property, but four mistakes could be hurting casinos.

Casinos use mystery shoppers as a way to see what real guests are experiencing.  With the high level of competition in the industry, each casino is trying to see how it can provide better and more consistent service.

Following are four mistakes that casinos must not make when using mystery shoppers.

All Shoppers Are Not Created Equal.  It’s not difficult to find ads in a variety of places online that offer to hire mystery shoppers.  Would you want someone who has answered an online ad deciding how well your casino delivers its guest service?  Casinos use mystery shopper data for personnel reviews, promotions and even bonuses.  But some mystery shopping companies will select almost anyone to do the shop.

How Are the Shoppers Trained?  Some mystery shopping services contract with a person in the morning and have them shopping a casino by the end of the day.  Shoppers need to be educated about what they are looking for and how they are to rate experiences.  Good mystery shopping companies invest time and money to train and develop the shoppers.

What Are Shoppers Shopping For?  Casinos should have specific service standards that they want reviewed.  There are now TV shows about mystery shoppers and I guarantee that the shoppers are looking for specific service problems.  They know what to look for before they walk through the door.

Many casino mystery shopping programs fail because they lack specific standards to measure.  Casinos don’t want shoppers just sharing opinions.  The real value comes when shoppers report results based on how well a casino employee delivered on specific service standards.

Price Matters.  Some mystery shopping companies pay shoppers little or nothing because the company pays for shopper meals and gives them some gambling money.  We want shoppers to know that the information they share is valuable, so we pay them.  When a casino tries to cut costs on mystery shopping, it is only hurting itself.  Understanding the service that guests actually receive is very valuable for long-term success.

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