5 Tips for Beating Casino Competition With Employee Recognition

Any advantage casinos can create for themselves in today’s competitive gaming market is worth having, and our company has disclosed five tips for using bias-free employee recognition to achieve this goal.

Employee recognition is a key element of a formula for casino success.  The formula works like this.  Outstanding customer service is a competitive advantage for casinos that understand its value.  Employees provide the service.  Employees who are recognized for a job well done are happy employees, and happy employees deliver superior service.

But the cornerstone of a well-designed employee recognition program is that it must be bias free.

Employees Crave Legitimate Recognition.  Casino employees are tired of hearing about their mistakes.  Studies show that they want praise from their supervisors.  In fact, they want praise more than money.  But they want the praise to be unbiased.

Many employees feel that the manager’s pet gets all the rewards while hard-working people never get noticed.  That may not be fact, but that’s the perception.  Employees see recognition as a popularity contest that’s not based on specific criteria.  They want to know what they will be judged on so they can deliver it.

Eliminate Bias With A Third Party.  Employee rewards based on manager evaluations are suspect.  Casinos should have a third party mystery shop the quality of guest service provided by employees.  Mystery shoppers have absolutely no vested interest in who gets rewards and who doesn’t.  They are responsible for obtaining a certain number of interactions with staff members during a visit and then submitting their findings.  That completely eliminates bias.

Keep Managers Out of the Process.  Mystery shoppers remove the hornet’s nest that managers bring to the recognition equation.  The third-party approach keeps managers out of the explanation corner.  They don’t have to justify why they selected one person over another.  They’re given the mystery-shopping data and the selection is based purely on what the shoppers experienced.

Set Standards for Shoppers.  Bias can still creep into shopping if shoppers are forced to report their opinions rather than facts.  Criteria for service excellence should be established before shopping begins.  Specific service standards should be given to the shoppers so they know what to look for.  That way, their findings are based on whether the standards are being met.

Educate Employees.  Another important step to take before shopping begins is educating employees on the service standards and training them in service excellence.  Tell employees what is expected of them and then give them the skills they need to do the job right.  This is not like a pop quiz.  Casinos should want their employees to get high scores during a shop because that means they’re doing things right.  Finally, reward employees for providing outstanding service.

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