Advocacy Helps CEOs and GMs Predict Casino’s Future Growth

Casino chief executive officers and general managers are under increasing pressure to anticipate future growth of their property and they can do that with an index that measures how many guest advocates a casino has.

Most casino CEOs and GMs are forced to make forward-looking statements for their bosses but they use backward-looking data.  That’s like driving a car forward while looking in the rear-view mirror.  An index that measures the degree to which a casino has guest advocates is a tool that can be used to predict future results with a very high level of confidence.

Guest advocates return to their favorite casino again and again and recommend that casino to others who may decide to play there, thus creating both repeat and new business.  The more guest advocates a casino has, the more successful it will be down the road.  Thus, the higher the guest advocate index, the more profitable the casino will be.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.