Gaming Guest Service

Gaming guest service just got easier.

Casino competition is on the rise, this means the level of casino customer service guests demand is going through the roof. Providing a casino’s guests with a good experience is no longer enough. It takes great service to impress your customers and make them want to come back.

Casino Customer Service Training

Casino Customer Service is critical. Casino consultant Martin Baird shares his secrets!

With over 20 years of casino consulting about guest service we have seen some big changes. Great gaming guest service was once a luxury, now it’s a necessity.

If you are looking for a simple way to help your people provide better service nothing could be better than Gaming Guest Service from A to Z  SECOND EDITION!it is written in a fun and easy to read style. As a matter of fact most people smile as soon as they see the cover!

A positive casino guest impression starts with a smile and this book delivers!

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Great for employees!

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