Benefits of Casino Customer Service Training Help Turn Your Property Into Casino of Choice

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In the brutally competitive casino industry, it’s all about developing your people and culture.

Casino Customer Service
Solutions, Tactics and More

May 16, 2014

Casino Customer Service Training
You know it’s tough out there.  What if you had casino customer service training that did more than give your employees new skills?  What if it changed their lives (professionally and personally) and turned them into service superstars that made your property the casino of choice?
This post from our gaming blog shows how it happens.
2013 Competition
Here are some great articles about the necessity and benefits of developing a culture of customer service excellence.

Best Long-Term Options for Your Casino’s Survival

Bloomberg Got It Right About Supply and Demand

Read on!  There’s more interesting stuff. 

Detour from Your Well-Worn Path

April Fool’s has come and gone, but this video is worth a laugh any time of the year.  Click on the “What???!!!” headline.

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