Boost Customer Service With Smiles

It’s amazing how much smiles can help casinos go the extra mile in providing quality customer service.


Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make the difference in creating a pleasant customer experience.  Having a smiling staff on the property is truly a simple technique, but it’s effective.


Following are five tips on why smiling is an important element of top-notch customer service. 


Number 1 – By simply smiling while you are at work, you are helping guests have a more enjoyable visit.


Number 2 – We all like to be around smiling and happy people.  They make us happy, too.


Number 3 – It’s a proven fact that people feel better when people smile.


Number 4 – Smiles make a great first impression. 


Number 5 — People want to stay and play at a happy, fun casino.


A smile can make all the difference in the world – even the difference between an outstanding gaming experience at your casino and a less fulfilling experience at a competitor’s establishment.  That’s a difference you definitely want to cultivate.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.