Building A Good Casino Reputation Means Finding the Right Answers Says Casino Consultant

As casino consultants we help build casino reputations. Part of reputation building is collecting feedback from secret shoppers and casino guests regarding their entertainment experience at casinos across the country. As I was reviewing some shopper data recently, I realized one of the easiest ways guest service scores take a hit, and in turn the casino reputation as a whole takes a hit, is when an associate answers a guest’s question with, “I’m not sure,” “I don’t know,” or when an answer begins or ends with, “I think.” Few things frustrate a guest and make them question your commitment to service more than using statements like these.

A Good Casino Reputation Means Going the Extra Mile Says Casino Consultant

Building A Good Casino Reputation Means Finding The Right Answers

This kind of induced frustration isn’t exclusive to gaming. Just this week I needed to find out if my health insurance was accepted by a new healthcare provider; the woman who answered the phone was very pleasant, I could tell she was trying to be helpful. But, her answer to my question was, “I think it is.” My reaction was to kindly say thank you, and find another provider. The smile in her voice was not enough to change the impression that she wasn’t going to take the time to make certain I wouldn’t be wasting my time and money coming to her office.

During a casino visit a guest is going to come into contact with associates from several departments. From food & beverage associates, dealers, slot attendants, club hosts, and more, guests need to be confident their needs will be met and their questions knowledgeably answered. This can be a challenge because it requires all associates from housekeepers to security, frontline associates, even back of house team members that may end up simply walking the floor, to know everything from buffet hours to current promotions.

But making sure every associate is in the know and never answers “I don’t know” doesn’t require them to be walking encyclopedias. They simply need to know how to find the right answers. Stephanie the beverage server may not know the exact details of the latest promotion, but she can easily say, “Let me walk you over to the club and have someone help you with that.” It’s an easy way to build an exemplary casino reputation, and a great way to build guest relationships.

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