Case Study Shows Amazing Impact Of Guest and Employee Advocacy

In the fall of 2005, Robinson & Associates, Inc., embarked upon a bold move to introduce guest and employee advocacy as the key to casinos’ future success.  Today, the company has completed a case study that clearly demonstrates how amazingly beneficial advocacy can be.

“Since January 2006, we have been working with a casino to help them measure their number of advocates and make internal changes that result in more advocates,” says Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates.  “The casino has benefited in many ways that are measurable and quantifiable.  We’ve prepared a case study that shows the impact advocacy has had on key areas of the casino and the numbers are stunning!”

Robinson & Associates is changing the gaming landscape with its Advocate Index™ and Advocate Development System (ADS).  Advocate Index is a baseline number that reflects how many advocates a casino has at a given moment.  ADS is a turnkey system that utilizes the index and best business practices to generate internal improvements that create even more advocates.  The more advocates a casino has, the more successful it will be.

“When we brought Advocate Index and ADS to the gaming industry, we knew it was a risky move,” Baird says.  “Extensive research at Harvard and The London School of Economics shows that advocacy, not customer satisfaction, is the most important factor in the success of a number of major businesses in a wide variety of industries.  But would it work in gaming?  Indeed it does!  Results outlined in the case study are beyond our wildest expectations!”

The case study reports record revenues, an astronomical return on investment in ADS, a reduction in employee turnover and more.

Baird warns that when it comes to customer research, advocacy should not be confused with satisfaction.  “Some casino executives who do guest and employee satisfaction surveys think they are engaging in advocate research but they are not,” Baird says.  “This is not a word game.  ADS is a statistical solution.”

Advocate Index and ADS are a tactical success for the casino in the case study.  “They provide financial and operational benefits and a competitive edge,” Baird says.  “Proven, definable results clearly show this.”

Advocate Index and ADS will revolutionize how casinos worldwide run their business, Baird says.  “They will be the benchmark for how casinos all over the world track their success and maintain a system for continual improvement.  Advocacy is the way of the future in gaming.”

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the case study should e-mail Lydia Baird, Robinson & Associates’ director of business development, at or call her at 206-774-8856.

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