Casino Consultant Endorses Endless Circle of Creating Advocates

Most of us don’t want to go in circles.  That’s viewed as getting nothing done.  But as a casino consultant, I frequently talk to gaming properties about the benefits of an endless circle that creates guest advocates.  This circle has amazing benefits.

Guest advocates love the gaming experience at your casino so much they happily recommend your property to friends and family.  You don’t pay or ask them to make this recommendation.  They do it of their own accord, like unpaid marketers for your casino.

Casino Consultant Says Casino Advocates Risk Their Reputation

Casino Consultant and Advocate Development System

The circle thing starts when you proactively learn what it is you do that makes some of your customers advocates.  You also need to learn why other customers are not advocates.  Then you need to do far more of the former and much less of the latter.  When John recommends your casino to his brother, Bob, you need to have all the aforementioned research completed so that Bob is bowled over by his gaming experience the first time he visits your property.

What happens next?  Bob believes your gaming experience and customer service are second to none and he recommends your casino to a friend at work.  That friend plays at your property, loves it and the process starts all over again.  In the meantime, John, Bob and Bob’s friend continue to steadily patronize your casino.

I have just described an endless circle of repeat business and new business that could potentially go on forever.  What casino wouldn’t want that?

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