Casino Consultant Looks Around and Doesn’t See That Great Service

I’m a casino consultant and I’ve heard it all.  Some casinos think they have absolutely wonderful, positively astounding guest service.  They’re convinced and will bend your ear explaining why.  Very odd.  As I look around their properties, that’s not what I see.

The problem is that casino executives are constantly fooled by their own employees.  What do you think happens when the GM walks the casino floor?  Remember, I’m a casino consultant who has visited countless properties and I know the answer to that question.

Casino Consultant -- They All Smile When the GM Is On the Floor

Casino Consultant — They All Smile
When the GM Is On the Floor

Here’s what happens.  Everything is great when the boss is wandering around.  When the GM walks past, you can be assured that employees are smiling and interacting with guests.  Why, there’s an employee asking a guest if he wants a fresh drink!  And the employee is friendly!  And there’s an employee telling a customer what the specials are today on  the buffet.  The service is great!

Here’s another outstanding casino consultant question.  What happens when the boss is NOT on the casino floor?  There’s only one way to find out.  Work with a casino consultant who can help line you up with a good mystery shopping company.  If the shopping is done properly, you will get a clear picture of just how good (or bad) your customer service really is.

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