Casino Consultant Praises Consistency in Guest Service

As a casino consultant, I talk a lot about consistency and how important it is to creating a brandable guest service experience. Recently, I had an experience at a restaurant that was a great illustration of the importance of consistency.

Consistency is key to success, says casino consultant

Casino Consultant Lauds Importance of Consistency

A fabulous Italian restaurant opened in my hometown about two years ago. I’ve thought for several years that the culinary scene in my old stomping grounds needed some tastier Italian fare. So, ever since my sister introduced me to this delicious find I’ve looked forward to the handmade pasta dishes and warm atmosphere during my visits home. I recently moved back, so naturally I was excited to pay a visit to my new hometown favorite Italian joint. A friend’s birthday was the perfect opportunity for a ladies night so a large group of us headed over to what turned out to be the favorite Italian restaurant not only for me, but for several of the other ladies in our party. I was disappointed that what was a much anticipated meal and a fun celebration fell far short of all of our expectations for one reason: uncharacteristically terrible customer service.

The meal started off perfectly with our waiter telling us we were his only table for the rest of the evening. He set the expectation, and we were excited. Then he proceeded to fail at meeting that expectation in nearly every way. Beverages took several minutes to arrive, meals came out one at a time, and several of us had completely finished our meals when other meals were just arriving. Bottles of wine were left empty with no offer of more, and our bill took nearly an hour to arrive. Conversation at the table led to statements like, “they used to be so awesome,” “I don’t know that I’ll come back,” “what happened to this place?” and the like.

This was a huge reminder of something we share with every casino client we work with, and that is the importance, the absolute necessity, for consistency. Have you set an expectation for service excellence that your guests can rely on? Are you meeting it every time? Consistently delivering your guests unparalleled service will pay off… literally.

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Amanda Kreamer

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