Casino Consultant: This Is the Age of the Customer

As a casino consultant, I am well aware that we are living in the Age of the Customer.  Forrester, a global research and advisory firm headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., outlined the challenges of this age in a report titled “Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer.”

Casino Consultant:  With Casino Reviews Making Casino Reputation, Casino Customers Have New Power

Casino Consultant: It’s the Age of the Customer

The source of these challenges is the empowered customer, according to the report.  The Forrester report makes it clear that in order to succeed in 2013 and beyond, businesses must be hyper focused on customers, even obsessed with them.  The report states that customers expect more from the companies they patronize because consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Consumers, and casino customers, have seemingly endless amounts of quick-and-easy information available because of the Internet.

Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor are examples of why casino customers are empowered with information.  Customers can read about a casino at any of these social media sites before they visit the property and they also feel emboldened to share their opinions about the casino on the Internet for the entire world to see.  Their comments remain online forever.  Thus, customers not only have an opinion about a casino before they arrive, they are changing the way casinos receive customer feedback.  These are powerful capabilities that truly signal the dawn of a new age.

There will only be one sustainable competitive advantage in the age of the customer and that is amazing service.  For casinos, that means focusing, even obsessing, on improving their guest service which, in turn, significantly contributes to an outstanding gaming experience.  Quality service and a stellar experience will keep guests coming back to play.

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