Second Edition of Casino Customer Service Book ‘Gaming Guest Service from A to Z’ Now Available As An Ebook

Since the original release of our casino customer service book “Gaming Guest Service from A-Z” in 2003, the face of gaming has changed significantly.  To bring the book up to date, we just released the second edition with all the original chapters plus over twenty more.

In another new development, the second edition has been released as an electronic book for reading on Kindles, iPads and computers.

Casino Customer Service Training

Second Edition of Casino Customer Service Book Offers Insights from Casino Consultant Martin R. Baird

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the book may click here or contact Lydia Baird, our director of business development, at or at 208-991-2037.

This is a must read in today’s highly competitive gaming world.  From creating casino advocates to getting “Yelp’d” in a casino review, it’s all covered and more in the second edition of “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z.”  For more than 20 years, my company has been helping casinos measure, manage and improve their customer service with respected, fun and innovative training.  This book is another tool I developed that casinos can use to position themselves ahead of the competition.

The second edition of “A to Z” helps casinos understand why they need customer advocates instead of satisfied customers.  How casino reputation is affected by the Internet, social media and review sites also is explored.  What being “Yelp’d” means and how it plays into casinos’ social media picture also is explained.  Ways to improve casino guest service are outlined in chapters on “Train the Trainer,” “Mystery Shopping” and “Simply Share.”

If gaming properties are to move forward, grow and succeed, the emphasis must be on the guest and guest service.  Guests who have a fun and exciting experience will return.  That is a simple but effective formula for success.  Properties that ignore this do so at their own peril because competition for the consumer’s entertainment dollar is growing exponentially.

“Gaming Guest Service from A to Z” simply and clearly uses the alphabet to help gaming executives, managers and employees understand how critically important outstanding guest service is and how to provide it.  Using each letter of the alphabet, the book provides insight on how to improve the guest service being provided at casinos.

“A to Z” is an easy, pleasant read that encourages readers to keep turning the pages.  The book’s format allows it to be read in any manner.  You can read it from front to back, back to front or turn to a page at random.  No matter how it’s read, it offers words of wisdom that will help gaming properties create a guest service culture.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird

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