Casino Customer Service and Casino Customer Service Training Are the Best Long-Term Options for Gaming Properties’ Survival

Casinos need to focus on exceptional casino customer service if they want to survive.  Yes, I said survive.

Recently, I watched an entire hour on a major cable news channel devoted exclusively to “Internet gambling.”  I also recently read that the state of Massachusetts needs to rethink its budget because it is not receiving anticipated casino revenue.  In other words, the state is not getting those casino dollars from heaven.  Lastly, there was this gem in USA Today about casino points for frequent-flier miles.  CLICK HERE

When I was growing up, my aunt and uncle would go to Las Vegas and that was a big deal.  They came back with boxes of candy and ash trays from the casino.  Their stories of free drinks, all-you-can-eat buffets and 99-cent shrimp cocktails dazzled my family.

Casinos that stake out casino customer service are more competitive

Stellar Casino Customer Service Driven By Outstanding Casino Customer Service Training Is Gaming Properties’ Best Long-Term Option for Surviving Competition

Those days are gone!

Looking back at the USA Today article, the idea that a casino has partnered with an airline to use casino points as part of a frequent-flier program just shows that casinos are doing whatever they can to compete.  Here is a news flash … instead of looking for things to give away, how about focusing on offering guests an amazing entertainment experience by providing exceptional casino customer service?

Online casino gambling has not taken off yet in the United States.  But it will and when it does, local casinos that don’t provide a great entertainment experience will be left wondering what happened.  Some of you may remember that at one time people didn’t flock to tribal casinos, but that has all changed, too.

There are only two defensible positions in business – you either compete on price or you compete on service.  We all know “low-price” leaders that do very well.  The challenge is that low-price leaders in the casino world will either need to have a lower cost structure or be ready to survive on much lower margins.

Gaming properties that are smart enough to stake a claim on casino customer service will need to do more than simply beef up service.  They will need to take service to an entirely new level.  “Good enough” will not be acceptable going forward.  Now is the time to invest in developing your people with casino customer service training that explains why you are creating a service culture.  It should also help team members understand that their jobs depend on this culture.

I’m sure the gimmicks will continue rolling out like trick ponies at the circus.  Ploys and promotions will come and go.  The customers they attract will come and go.  Casino customer service is the only advantage that will last long term.  It is your best option for creating an entertainment experience that will keep guests come back to play again and again.  It is your best option for survival.


Lydia Baird

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