Casino Customer Service Delivery Gap: 6 Tips to Get It Back On Track

Casinos that adopted a New Year’s resolution to improve their customer service in 2013 may have fallen victim to a common problem – they’ve forgotten all about it by now.  But we have announced six tips that will help them get that resolution back on track and improve their ability to meet stiff competition.

Many people – and businesses – adopt New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions.  But after a couple of months, it’s not unusual for those resolutions to be long gone.  Fortunately, there are ways casinos can breathe life into their resolve to provide their customers with outstanding service and a competitive gaming experience.

Here are the six tips.

Service Gap Analysis.  The best place to start is an analysis of the casino’s customer service delivery gap.  Service delivery gap analysis looks at the service that the casino currently provides, as compared to the property’s service standards.  Many casinos use mystery shoppers and think that is all they need.  Shoppers are only a start when it comes to a committed service delivery improvement process.

Review Service Standards.  Casinos should take a hard look at their guests’ service standards, not just their own.  For casinos to improve their customer service, they need know where they are today in this important area and where their patrons want them to be.  Too often, casino employees think they know what’s best for a guest without taking the customer’s desires into account.  Service standards are important.

All Aboard, Managers!  Outstanding service rolls downhill.  In other words, it starts with managers, from the GM on down, who expect their employees to provide nothing less than stellar service.  Managers not only need to endorse the concept, they must support its execution on a daily basis.  When customer service training sessions were held, managers should attend to show that service is not a passing fad at the property.

Sharpen Those Skills.  Casinos must be sure employees have the skills they need to provide great service, and staff members should eagerly seek training.  Not many people are born with the customer service gene.  Few people are naturals at providing stellar service.  The way people learn new skills is through organized training.  And training can be fun when it’s done properly and employees are fully engaged.

Create A Reason for Using Skills.  Management should give employees a reason to use their newly acquired customer service skills.  Provide rewards when learned skills are actually used.  Having a reward and incentive program that employees understand makes it easier for them to do what is expected of them.  And it makes it easier for management to do the right thing for employees.

Training Should Be A Reward.  Those on the receiving end should view training as a way to improve themselves and make more money.  Casino employees care a great deal about what goes into their pockets.  Training leads to better service that can create guest advocates and advocates give better tips.

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