Casino Customer Service Is Answer to Fierce Casino Competition

In today’s incredibly competitive gaming market, outstanding casino customer service is the only differentiating factor from property to property and, thus, the only true competitive advantage.

A casino customer service culture is critical to a casino’s success.  But there are a few things that need to be understood.

Casino customer service is the only differentiating factor from casino to casino

Outstanding Casino Customer Service Is the Answer to Fierce Competition

Some casinos think they can “change” their people by marching them through a three-hour orientation or training session.  Stellar casino customer service starts with making changes.  Change takes a high level of repetition and it needs to be of interest to those on the receiving end.  You must identify what will motivate your people to perform the desired behaviors you’re looking for.  Yes, a very small percentage of your staff members will change just because you ask them to.  The challenge is getting a critical mass of employees to see that this change, this guest service culture, is in their best interest.  If it’s not important to them, most will not invest the effort needed to change.

All casinos work hard to hire the very best candidates to fill job openings at their property.  Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning.  Hiring the very best is a great place to start, but it simply isn’t enough.  Look at the amount of time and energy you spend hiring people.  Now look at what it would take to turn your employees into truly great guest service ambassadors.  It’s much better to invest in casino customer service training than it is to throw money out the window hiring people and then firing them for not providing the level of guest service that will allow you to compete.

I know casino customer service training can cost a significant amount of money.  It can be the equivalent of several salaries.  But you need to view training as an investment.  With training, you’re investing in your people and in the opportunity to generate more revenue for your property.  If you invest in your people, it helps both them and you.

There’s another investment to consider, the fact that improved casino customer service and a better gaming experience can increase your property’s play and, ultimately, its profits because those factors encourage guests to come back.  It can be eight to 10 times more expensive to get a guest to visit once than it is to get them to return.  Many properties use frequent player cards because they know they’re building a habit for some of their customers.  The sooner that happens, the sooner they can save a little on marketing and increase profits.

Improving your people and improving your guest experience is a simple investment.  You add hotel rooms or restaurants so guests will stay and play longer.  That is the same as a wise investment in great casino customer service.

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