Casino Customer Service Training and Casino Customer Service Help Properties Survive Brutal Casino Competition – Did Bloomberg Businessweek Get It Right?

We at Robinson & Associates, Inc., believe that what we have been saying for several years has been validated by an article published last week in Bloomberg Businessweek – with casino competition reaching new heights, casino customer service and casino customer service training are the only true long-term competitive advantage for gaming properties.  The casino marketplace is getting extremely crowded and survival and success will come from great training and great service that make savvy casinos stand out.

Casino customer service training and casino customer service are the answer to casino competition.

Bloomberg Businessweek Explores the Reality of Today’s Casino Competition – Too Much Supply, Not Enough Demand. We Believe Casino Customer Service Training and Casino Customer Service Are the Answer.

The Bloomberg article sheds harsh light on the casino industry in the U.S. and points out something straight from economics 101:  if there is too much supply and not enough demand, something has to give.

The article explains that between increased casino capacity and the struggling economy, casinos are getting squeezed.  It really is that simple.  If guests have less money in their pockets because of stagnant wages, increased taxes and lack of job security, they will spend less.  With the number of casinos increasing and guests spending less, something most definitely will have to give.

This is a typical boom-and-bust cycle.  When I was a child growing up in rural Indiana, people planned and saved to go to Las Vegas for a big, exciting trip.  Now people in many states can drive a couple of hours in almost any direction and reach a casino.  This means they will be more particular and have higher expectations.  They will pick and choose.  They won’t just expect good service.  They will demand exceptional casino customer service.

Take a moment and read Bloomberg’s “Local Casinos Are A Losing Bet.”


Lydia Baird

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