Casino Customers Love the X Factor

Casinos that place an emphasis on customer service do special things for their guests that surprise and please them.  This sets those casinos apart from the competition.


 I call this the X Factor.  There’s no common name for this.  It’s just a matter of doing something that makes a casino stand out in the eyes of its customers.  The important thing is that guests appreciate it and remember it.


X Factor.  The X Factor is that variable, that thing you do at your property to make it stand out.  It’s the something that’s a little better or a little different.  It’s the way you do things that creates a memorable experience for your guests.  It may be something small like the way you fold towels or something much bigger like free entertainment.  Whatever it is, the X Factor makes a huge impression on your guests.  Sure, they’ll remember if they won and if they had a good time, but they’ll also remember those little things that add up to something special.  That’s the X Factor.


Excellent.  Guests are always on the lookout for anything that’s excellent.  They want to feel excellent, they want the property to be excellent and they want their service to be excellent.


Exceptional.  Every guest wants an exceptional experience.  When they’re treated like they’re the only person on the property, they feel exceptional.


Extra.  What small things can you do to make your guests feel extra special?  To make them feel extra important?  To make them feel that their money and time were well spent and that they can’t wait to come back?


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.