Casino Guest Service & the Letter U

We can all learn a lot from the letter U when it comes to casino customer service.  For example, smiling is the universal language that all casino guests appreciate. 


Here are some service pointers from my book, “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z” that relate to the
letter U.


Universal language.  Smiling is the universal language.  When people see a smile, it brightens their day.  When people see you smile, they know you’re happy.  When people see a smile, they feel better.  When people see a smile, they’re likely to give you one in return.  Smiling is not hard to do.  It actually requires fewer muscles than frowning.  All you need to do is turn up the ends of your mouth a little and before you know it, there’s a bright smile waiting to come out.  Oh and don’t forget to smile with your eyes, too.


Unbelievable.  That’s the kind of experience your customers must have.  They must be in awe of how much fun they had and how nice everyone was.  When customers go to Wal-Mart and spend $100, they have something to show for it.  When they come to a gaming property, they don’t always walk out with something tangible.  When customers visit your property, they must have an unbelievable experience they can take home.  That’s what they have to show for the time and money they spent.


Unique.  Every customer is unique.  Every customer service experience is unique.  Therefore, you need to be unique in the way you provide it.  You cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to service.  Every customer wants things their specific way.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.