Casino HR Departments Need A Way to Create Employee Advocates

Casino human resources departments are fighting a losing battle if they do not have the advantage of an internal improvement program that creates employee advocates, reduces employee turnover and improves the performance of front-line employees.
A system that creates employee advocates is invaluable for casinos.  Employee advocates love their jobs so much they aren’t about to leave, and they recommend their casino to friends and relatives as a great place to work.  That reduces turnover and saves a significant amount of money.  

It is expensive to replace an employee – as much as $12,000 per new hire at an upscale casino.  So what is it worth to an HR department to reduce turnover and invest the savings into improving existing employees through training?  What does it cost the casino when employees are not advocates for the property?  Anti-advocates drive customers away and pollute the employee pool.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.