Casino Infographic Shows Casino Marketing How Social Media Affects Casino Customer Service

Facebook, Twitter and Yelp are now as much a part of casino marketing as Yellow Pages and newspaper ads once were and we have just published an infographic that shows how social media trends are impacting casinos.

With old media, the advertiser controlled the story and message.  The challenge is that today, with social media, casino guests control the message.

Our newly published infographic reveals interesting facts about social media, as well as questions that casino marketing departments need to address.  Think about this:  56 percent of all tweets to companies go unanswered, according to AllTwitter.  In the old days, would 56 percent of calls from people who found a business in the Yellow Pages have gone unanswered?

The AllTwitter statistic alone makes better understanding of social media urgent.  The first question is why aren’t casinos proactively responding to tweets?  Even more important, why are customers tweeting to casinos and not communicating in a more direct manner?  The answer is that it’s usually easier for the customer to tweet than it is to make a phone call or fill out a comment card.  Social media is an easy form of communication for guests.  Most casinos have not made it simple to share directly with them.

The infographic also shows that more than half of Pinterest users interact with others about food.  What do casinos have on Pinterest?  Most likely pictures of the casino, pools, the golf course and maybe a couple of restaurant shots.  This one fact about Pinterest users should prompt casinos to change what they post to increase interest and readership.

Lastly, casinos are missing opportunities if they are not part of the mobile age.  A variety of studies show that between 21 and 25 percent of all Internet traffic is from mobile devices.  This means many people use their smartphone or tablet to get what they want about a casino and it better be easy to find.  If a potential casino guest has to pinch and pull on his phone’s screen to get a phone number or map, the property has lost that customer to a competitor.  Casinos must have a Web presence that is mobile and guest friendly.

In the past, social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook were fun to talk about, but now these game changers must be analyzed.  Social media must be given real consideration.  Our new infographic shares great information that is a must for casino marketing decision makers in these highly competitive times.

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