Casino Marketing Executives Should Love Guest & Employee Advocates

Casino marketing executives work hard to gain an edge on the competition, but they may not realize that people on the casino floor can significantly leverage their efforts.  There are four reasons for why guest and employee advocates are like unpaid marketers for casinos.

There are two kinds of advocates that casino marketing departments must identify and nurture – guest and employee.  The more advocates a casino has, the more successful it will be because advocates are like ambassadors for the property.

Guest Advocates.  Guest advocates are more than satisfied with the gaming experience at a casino; they are wowed by it.  Guest advocates recommend a casino to friends and relatives without the property asking them to do so.  They risk their personal reputation to give the casino referrals.

Repeat and New Business.  Part of marketing’s job is to keep existing customers coming back while also attracting new ones and guest advocates help in both areas.  Because they love a particular casino, guest advocates continue to play there, creating ongoing repeat business.  Friends who act upon the advocate’s recommendation and give a casino a try create new business.  If these new players are bowled over by their gaming experience, they become advocates and the cycle starts again.  That’s what I call outstanding marketing and the casino doesn’t have to do a thing.

Employee Advocates.  Employee advocates love their jobs and wouldn’t dream of moving to another casino.  These employees show up for work on time and prepared.  They know what’s going on at the casino that will be of interest to guests.  They are enthusiastic and their attitude motivates coworkers to do better.  Employee advocates are also ambassadors for their casino in the community.  They spread positive word of mouth about the casino without being asked to do it.

Unpaid Marketers.  Guest and employee advocates are like unpaid, highly effective marketers for a casino.  People give far more credence to an advocate’s comments about a casino than they do to paid advertising.  Advocates help drive the business end of a casino to greater heights.

Because advocates are so valuable, casinos should determine how many they have and take steps to create more.

A simple survey can determine how many advocates a casino has and what the property does that makes them advocates.  The survey also can determine what the casino does wrong that causes guests and employees not to become advocates.  Express the degree to which the casino has advocates as an index and the property has a magnificent management tool.

Simply do more of what creates advocates and subsequent surveys should yield an ever-higher index as the number of advocates grows.  And as the index climbs, the marketing department can be assured that is has a growing number of unpaid marketers singing the casino’s praises.

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