Casino Mystery Shopping: No Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback

Casino mystery shopping is a valuable service that casinos use in a variety of ways.  But it  lacks something that is absolutely critical today – real-time casino customer feedback.  That’s why, as casino consultants, we offer our Simply Share service as an alternative to casino secret shopping.

Through Simply Share, we work with casinos to help them get ahead of negative casino reviews and comments that frequently appear on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Give a guest a great gaming experience or resolve a complaint while the customer is still on the floor and a positive casino review is more likely.

Where Is "See It, Scan It, Share It" in Casino Mystery Shopping for Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback?

Casino Mystery Shopping Doesn’t “See It, Scan It, Share It” for Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback

The key is making it easy for casino customers to instantly share comments about their experience with the casino while they are still at the property.  That is real-time casino customer feedback and casino mystery shopping simply can’t do it.

A side benefit of Simply Share is that the positive outcomes it can create also can improve casino reputation.

The Internet has changed the way consumers communicate about the businesses they patronize.  In short, they can communicate to the world instead of to the business.  Casino customers have cheap technology at their disposal that allows them to rant globally about the poor casino customer service they receive.  Add to that the fact that communication via the Internet can be anonymous and potentially nasty.

Casinos simply must get ahead of these problems and Simply Share allows them to use the same technology to collect real-time casino customer feedback.  Without this capability, they are at a competitive disadvantage.

With Simply Share, guests use their smartphone to scan a bar code, answer a few simple questions about their experience and instantly send the responses to the casino.  Thus, guests communicate with the casino FIRST!  A problem could be resolved before a guest leaves the property.  Yes, a customer’s resort room should have been sparkling clean when he walked in, but a quick resolution, well, that’s impressive!  Possibly impressive enough that he will make a reservation at that resort again.  He might even post a positive review at TripAdvisor.

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