Casino Mystery Shopping Video Shows What Casino GMs Miss

We have just released a new video that shows casino employees are all smiles when one of the property’s executives walks by.  The video raises the question of what happens when the average guest passes by.

Casino mystery shoppers see what happens when the average guest interacts with employees.  When the general manager or others from the executive team walk the casino floor, they see smiles on all the faces because employees know those are the people they work for.

Our team created the video not only for fun but also so casino managers could share it with employees as a service-discussion tool.  When casino managers start a discussion about service, employees focus on it again.  The video is about the simple concept that if everyone smiles when the boss is around, shouldn’t they also smile for customers?  Ultimately, casino employees work for each and every guest.  By having this conversation with the staff, it encourages them to focus on the guest and reminds them that guests are the reason they are employed and that the casino is in business.

Casino mystery shopping gives gaming properties a snapshot of what guests may experience when they visit a casino.  Casinos should have service-delivery standards that shoppers can use to compare to the service provided.

Many casinos have a gap between the service they deliver and the service standards they have set.  The service delivery gap is the difference between what the casino actually delivers and what it wants to deliver.

When we do service gap analysis for our clients, we also see a difference between what the general manager sees and what the average guest experiences.

We released the video as a light-hearted view of what casino mystery shoppers experience.  The property’s executive team talks about how great the service is and how all the employees smile, but the reality is that they may only smile when the GM walks by.

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