Casino Mystery Shopping: What Is the Alternative?

Casino mystery shopping has become as commonplace ATMs and buffets.  Most casinos use it in some form or fashion.  Casino mystery shopping can range from quarterly for the entire casino to one-time visits to look at a specific department.

So what is the alternative to using a casino mystery shopper?

Some people think they can have casino executives and associates walk the floor more often to see what guests see.  As a casino consultant for more than 20 years, I know that simply doesn’t work.  Associates recognize the executive team and they know when they are being watched.  There’s another problem – after a person has worked at a casino for years, they lose perspective and miss what guests see.

Some people also think casino comment cards are the answer!  Comment cards just don’t work either.  That is old technology that should be in a museum.  Yes, there was a time when, if a company replied to a comment card in a couple of weeks or a moth, that was acceptable!  The Internet has forever changed all of that.  All casino commentcards should be removed from the casino, restaurants and the hotel.

The casino mystery shopping alternative that you want to bring to your casino is Simply Share.  It uses simple smartphone technology that allows guests to scan a QR tag and share their comments and feelings about the casino customer service in real time with the casino.

What is better than having casino mystery shoppers on property quarterly?  Having guests share with the casino in real time at all hours of the day and night.

Simply Share Allows Casinos to Respond to Casino Customer Service in Real Time Unlike Casino Mystery Shopping

Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback & Alternative to Casino Mystery Shopping

With signs, posters and even business cards, we work with our clients to actively solicit feedback using Simply Share.  This means that the guest is sharing directly with YOU, not with the world at Twitter, Yelp, Google+ or TripAdvisor.  After all, if they share with you, you have the opportunity to address and fix casino customer service issues before they are all over the Internet.

We don’t see Simply Share as a replacement for casino  mystery shoppers, but rather as a way to supplement them and provide more information.   If you make sharing feedback easy, more guests will share with you!

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird


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