Casino Reputation – An Amazing Value

Pew Research recently found that the average Facebook user has 245 friends.  This means they can rant about their poor casino experience to all of those people in a few quick clicks.  They also can post their venomous story on Yelp in seconds or fire off a blistering 140-character tirade on Twitter for the world to see.  Can anyone say “re-tweet”?  Can anyone say “casino reputation”?

Casino Reputation and Trust

Casino Reputation and Trust

Why should casinos care about all this?  For one thing, it completely disrupts the customer feedback loop but that’s a whole separate issue.  Casinos should care because reviews such as these shape a casino reputation and reputation goes right to the bottom line.

Google uses reviews and reputation in determining where it places a casino in search rankings.  What happens if a potential customer does a Google search trying to figure out which casino to visit and your casino’s listing is on page three of the search results?  It’s not likely that customer will even find you because people don’t have the time or patience to look beyond the first page.  But let’s say that prospective guest does see your listing and finds negative customer reviews.  (That’s right, Google posts those reviews next to a casino’s ranking.)  Here’s my hunch – that guest will choose to play at one of your competitors.

So what kind of service does your casino provide and what are your customers saying about it?

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