Casino Reputation Is Explained in Interactive Image

Casino reputation and how it is affected by casino reviews is the subject of a ThingLink interactive image we recently created.

To see the image, click here.

Casino Reputation Bad Casino Review

Casino Reputation Bad Casino Review

Those interested simply move their mouse cursor over the icons in the image to open drop windows.

The icons explore such topics as:

– Casino reputation dictates where customers go to play and Google has an important role.

– Casino reputation correlates to where a casino ranks in Google searches.

– A good casino reputation can’t be bought.

– Casino reviews by social media mean more to customers than a fancy website.

If we shared that casino reputation is critical to long-term success, most casino executives would say OK and go back to the next emergency they need to deal with.  In today’s highly competitive casino business, it’s harder than ever to get a person’s attention.  Casino executives are busy and getting them to take a moment to focus on a new concept is challenging.

For example, there is amazing new research about the critical nature of casino reputation and casino reviews and Cone, Inc., has reported that 80 percent of consumers have changed a buying decision because of negative reviews.  Most casino executives probably are not aware of any of that.

Knowing how busy casino marketing departments are, we decided to create an interactive ThingLink image that quickly conveys key statistics and other information.  We also have an infographic for casino reputation as well as a couple of videos on the subject, so we can reach people in a variety of ways.  Who knows, maybe we’ll use Twitter.  Maybe we’ll even try Vine to get our six-second message out about important casino business issues.


Lydia Baird

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