Casino Reviews, Casino Reputation Studied in Our New Infographic

Casino reviews and casino reputation – today they play a critical role in the future success of gaming properties and a new infographic we have designed offers details on why this is so.

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Casino Reviews and Casino Reputation

Casino Reviews and Casino Reputation

In an era in which social media sites such as Facebook and Yelp are taking the place of traditional marketing tools, casino reviews and casino reputation play an increasingly important role.  The idea that reputation spreads slowly through word of mouth is old news.  Casino review sites and social media channels can spread a negative opinion about a casino around the Internet instantly.

~ Casino reviews and casino reputation are more powerful today than the traditional marketing tools of years past ~

In the old days, a customer might tell seven to nine people about a negative casino experience but the advent of social media has raised that number to as many as 53.  Today, the average Facebook user has 245 friends.  Casinos must take account of this new situation and adjust their customer service and marketing accordingly.

Our consultants designed the new infographic to unambiguously depict the importance of casino reviews and casino reputation.  The infographic provides information about the new social media landscape, as well as statistics about consumers’ levels of trust in review sites and use of reviews.  Seventy percent of consumers trust what they read on social media sites.  This is just one of several numbers from the infographic that casinos need to consider when planning their strategy for success.

The infographic also lists five crucial reasons from our special report that we believe prove that reputation is more valuable than marketing for today’s casinos.  Google search rankings, the levels of trust consumers have in casino reviews, the nature of these reviews and the sites that maintain them – all of these are serious game changers for the casino business.

Besides illustrating the importance of casino reviews and reputation, the infographic explains how we can help potential clients.  The infographic shows just what we do, what information we’ll provide in our custom reputation reports and how we’ll help our clients interpret their reputation and change their strategies.

Lydia Baird

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