Casino Reviews Create Casino Reputation — The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Casino reviews do indeed contribute to and create casino reputation.  Existing and prospective customers have ample opportunity to find casino reviews on the Internet.   Following are some actual reviews posted by real customers that we found by Googling the casino and clicking on a link under “Reviews” that appeared off to the side.

Appeal Poor to fair Facilities Good Service Poor to fair —This place is a waste of your time and money, if you visit for its obvious venue–slot machines. Though it is somewhat cleaner and brighter than its sister casino a few miles away, the slot machines vacuum cash up on the same scale at both locations. The deli is above average here, and worth playing penny bets to get a food voucher after two hours of slot play. But they take hundreds of millions of dollars away from other local businesses with their much-played, low paying machines. If you must play slot machines, forgo a couple of visits and take the money you will save for a trip to Vegas or Wendover.  You will be much better off.

Appeal Good Facilities Very good Service Poor to fair
We stayed at the hotel to go see a performance at the casino. When we booked the room they told us the shuttle would run every 15 Minutes or so. We waited about 10 minutes around midnight to come back the room. The security said it would be another 10 minutes. The shuttle finally showed up and said he was taking a break so we had to wait another 20 minutes, out of frustration we found another couple and just caught a taxi back to the room. Our room was nice but will probably not stay here again if we have to travel the the other casino
Overall Poor to fair — If you like loosing your money to a bunch of wagon burners this is the spot to do it at!  Disliked: Rooms, Service, Location, Value, Food, Entertainment

Casino Reviews Matter!
They go to the bottom line.  Negative reviews can push a casino’s listing down in Google searches, making it hard for customers to find the property.  Bad reviews give customers pause.  Should they play at that particular casino or go to another one?
Lydia Baird


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