Casino Secret Shop Tips Are Outlined in New Interactive Image Announced By Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Casino secret shops sound simple, but there are several ins and outs that must be understood.  Tips about casino secret shops are explored in an interactive image announced by Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Casino secret shop sounds simple

Understand Ins & Outs of Casino Secret Shop

“Casino secret shops provide a realistic overview of the quality of a property’s customer service and that information can be valuable on many levels,” said Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, Inc., a casino consulting firm to the global gaming industry.  “Casinos that decide to use shops need to go about it properly.”

The ThingLink image’s interactive icons explore such topics as:

– Executives who let their pride get in the way of improvement that can be realized through casino secret shops.

– Common casino secret shop mistakes.

– The downside of using casino secret shoppers who are not paid by the company that hired them.

– The important role service standards play in casino secret shops.

About Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Martin R. Baird is a casino consultant and chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, Inc., and  For 20 years, Robinson & Associates has been dedicated to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability.  A Boise, Idaho-based consulting firm to the global gaming industry,  Robinson & Associates is the world leader in casino guest experience measurement, management and improvement.  Recently, it announced Simply Share, a real-time customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for casino customers to share their experience directly with casinos instead of posting comments online at social media sites.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at or contact Lydia Baird, director of business development, at 208-991-2037 or  Read about a variety of topics at Martin Baird’s blog at, including casino-related articles, casino customer service training, mystery shopping tips, casino reputation measurement and improvement, service gap analysis and more.  Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

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