Casino Secret Shops – Making the Most of Your Report

For casino consultants, an important tool in the improvement tool kit is the casino secret shop. Whether you call it a secret shop, mystery shop, or field research, the casino secret shop is an effective way for casino leadership to gauge the level of service their front line is delivering on a daily basis. In the last five years, we have witnessed a growing need and interest for this guest’s eye view of the casino service experience. At Robinson & Associates, Inc., we have conducted hundreds of casino secret shops and we have some valuable tips on how to maximize the information you receive and interpret your shopping report:

There is More to Casino Secret Shops Than Scores

Make the Most of Your Casino Secret Shops


The report is not a rolled up newspaper – When presenting the findings of a casino mystery shop, the first thing we tell leadership is not to run out and use the information to punish associates. Sometimes a report will contain information detailing interactions between associates and guests that are less than stellar. Resist the impulse to smack associates on the nose with the report. Keep in mind, this is an opportunity for improvement. Negative experiences should be used as training opportunities.

The report SHOULD be used to reward associates – A little encouragement goes a long way. We always encourage leadership to seek out the service stars the report reveals and reward them. Rewarding excellent service is a fantastic way to create a trend of excellent service.

Numbers aren’t everything – The scores a secret shop report provides are only a portion of what makes the report valuable. Scores are what allow leadership to measure service, but shopper narratives allow leadership to know where they need to improve service. Narratives are the Rosetta Stone of the report; they interpret the scores. The words of the shoppers are where opportunities for improvement and reward are revealed.

Ask questions! – Your casino consultant or shopping company has raw data at their fingertips and direct access to shoppers. If you have a question about anything in your report don’t rush to judgment and assume the worst. Pick up the phone or send an email to your consultant; they are there to help, clarify, and ultimately improve the service at your casino.

Remember, this is an investment in your future – The keyword here is investment. Casino secret shops cost money and the investment is worthless if a casino doesn’t utilize the information they are given to ultimately improve. Often times, particularly with a baseline or first study, some hard truths are revealed. Don’t shy away from this information! Trust your consultants, and use this information to improve. Follow recommendations and seek out opportunities of your own.

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