Casino Train the Trainer Praised By Participant

A recent Casino Train the Trainer participant shared this testimonial with us.  Thank you, Paula, for the kind words.

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Casino Train the Trainer

“Marty Baird’s Train the Trainer facilitator course was unforgettable, to say the least––a paradigm shift that completely changed my perception of the entire process of learning.  Marty’s persistence for each of us to master the practical application of ‘asking the right questions’ was a valuable new skill and mindset.  Imagine capturing and holding the attention of a large group, simply standing by as they enthusiastically interact with each other, emphasizing and expounding on the information you’re there to target, and all you did was ask a few questions!

“Instead of plodding along through a boring, predictable routine, our entire group was actively involved, shouting answers to questions, applauding, debating, encouraging, laughing out loud at jokes and improvisations and having a lot of (gasp!) FUN!  (Yes, fun, that’s right, we were having FUN, no doubt about it.)  All while absorbing information.  Applying this system is brilliantly effective … and … PARTICIPANTS love it!  (Always nice to have your ‘captive audience’ begging for more, don’t you think?)

Train the Trainer is a motivational earthquake that rocks the foundations of rote teaching methods and launches the ‘group learning experience’ to a higher plane, sending it skyward like a hot rocket.  Acquiring new information can be dull or dynamic.  Marty Baird personifies dynamic.  What your facilitators will learn here is better than money in the bank for your customer service front line.  This is a ‘must have.’  Don’t miss it!”

Paula L., External Communications Specialist, Coushatta Casino Resort

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