Casino Train the Trainer Page Launched at to Offer Creative Employee Training

Casino competition is increasing from states wanting more sin-tax revenue and that is pushing casinos to be more creative when it comes to customer service training.  To meet this need, has launched a Casino Train the Trainer page.

“Today, casino guest service is more than important; it is critical,” said Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of and Robinson & Associates, Inc., a guest service consulting firm to the global gaming industry.  “This has a staggering effect on training and Train the Trainer meets that challenge.”

The only real competitive advantage casinos have is guest service, according to Baird.  “Casinos all have the same machines, games, hotels and food,” Baird said.  “If they want to stand out, it must be in the guest’s mind and that means creating an amazing casino customer service experience.”

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Casino Train the Trainer

Technology has also had a significant impact on casino service, Baird noted.  “Before social media, if guests had a bad gaming experience, they told a few friends or co-workers about it,” Baird explained.  “Today, research shows that they have more than 200 friends on Facebook and those friends all know about the unpleasant experience.

“With casino reputation and casino reviews affecting search engine rankings and guest decisions to visit a casino, customer service goes to an entirely new level of importance.”

This all adds up to making casino customer service training as important as machines and parking, Baird said.  “Some casinos think that they can ‘spray and pray’ and that will be enough to create a service oriented culture,” Baird notes.  “It just doesn’t work that way.”

CasinoTrain the Trainer is designed to create a core group of casino customer service and training experts from within the casino staff.  These specially selected employees emerge from the program with the skills and knowledge needed to provide the casino with ongoing training support.  “Our Train the Trainer is an intense, five-day program,” Baird said.  “This is not generic training.  This program uses our company’s 20 years of experience to create a very special life-changing experience for the participants.”

The Train the Trainer web page was launched to help educate casino human resources executives on what makes this system different and why they should invest in their people when it comes to developing them, Baird said.  The Train the Trainer page has information and ideas that are critical to developing people who are then prepared to facilitate learning.

“If I had a magic wand, I would eliminate the word ‘trainer’ and replace it with ‘learning facilitator,’” Baird said.  “You train a dog.  We want to develop people who facilitate others in learning new concepts, ideas and skills.  The Train the Trainer page is a step in the right direction for us and the gaming industry!”

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Martin R. Baird is a casino consultant and chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, Inc.  For 20 years, Robinson & Associates has been dedicated to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability.  A Boise, Idaho-based consulting firm to the global gaming industry,  Robinson & Associates is the world leader in casino guest experience measurement, management and improvement.  Recently, it announced Simply Share, a real-time customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for casino customers to share their experience directly with casinos instead of posting comments online at social media sites.

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