Casino Train the Trainer Program Reveals 3 Secrets to Casino Training

The casino Train the Trainer program we offer has three secrets that shed light on effective casino training.

Train the Trainer is about more than just training.  When we work with a casino and do our Train the Trainer program, it’s about developing people and creating service ambassadors.  Because of fierce competition in the gaming industry, it’s no longer about “training programs.”  It’s about creating a culture of service excellence.

When we meet with casinos about our Train the Trainer program, they often think that they only need one or two “trainers.”  What they often fail to see is that you want to develop a core of people who not only understand how to facilitate learning, but they also see why casino customer service is so important.

Here are the three Train the Trainer secrets.

Understand the Industry.  People delivering Train the Trainer must understand the casino industry.  I’m always shocked when a casino thinks that a generic Train the Trainer session will work for a casino.  This is just a waste of money, energy and time.  Casino training is specialized and unique.  Not many people understand that dealing with customers losing money and possibly drinking at a casino is much different from businesses that say, “would you like fries with your burger?”  Casinos have a culture all their own and if the people facilitating the training session don’t understand that, it will have a negative impact.

Socratic Method is Misunderstood.  Very few organizations understand the Socratic method and how it revolutionizes the learning process.  Train the Trainer is a misnomer.  You train dogs.  We want to develop people.  This means we help them learn and develop new skills.  Socrates understood this but most trainers don’t.

It Takes An Investment in Time to Develop People.  Helping people develop the skills to be a facilitator is not microwave fast.  It takes time and it takes a high level of repetition to develop casino employees.  This means that the participants in the casino Train the Trainer session need to be pushed to do presentations a number of times each day.  The participants need to know what it feels like to fail while they are in room with loving and supportive co-workers.  When you have 30 people all from different industries in a three-day session, they just don’t get the opportunity to learn what they need.

In an environment of increased casino competition, casinos need to develop a culture of customer service excellence if they want to stand out.  So every casino will need casino customer service training.  They may decide to have a company come in and do it or they could do a series of casino Train the Trainer sessions themselves so they have the internal bench strength to drive the initiative.

Lydia Baird

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