Casino Training – Are You Maximizing the Investment You’ve Made in Training?

Finding the right style of training for any business can be a challenge. But, identifying the right style of training for a casino is uniquely challenging. Casino training, particularly when it comes to casino guest service, needs to be as dynamic and engaging as the casino itself; everything from the facilitator, to the content, to the execution of modules for learning needs to be engaging and even entertaining.  Here are a few tips that will help ensure that your casino training is a success:

  1. Accelerated Learning – No matter what kind of training we conduct for our casino clients, we always say that you will never see us “show up and throw up.” We are acutely aware of how important it is to engage learners from the start, and that means we cannot simply stand in front of a room and tell people what we think they should know. We strongly believe in the principles of Accelerated Learning which requires total learner involvement, collaboration, and variety. Effective training requires participants to actually participate.
  2.  Keep it fast paced – Frontline associates are used to a fast paced environment. Meeting guest needs quickly and efficiently requires speed and attention to detail. If you’re asking your associates to come off the floor to acquire new skills, you’re going to need to match the pace they are accustomed to, in order to keep their attention.
  3.  Socrates had it right – An easy training trap to fall into is to spend all of your training time telling or simply lecturing. Using the Socratic method of inquiry and discussion, or asking the right questions to encourage learners to come to the right conclusions on their own, prompts critical thinking and a real connection to concepts and desired behaviors.
  4.  Make it FUN! – As casino consultants, one of the number one complaints we hear about casino training is that it is often boring. We’re in the business of fun, our associates need to shown that it’s ok to have fun, and their training needs to be FUN!

Training is as much of an investment in the success of your casino as cosmetic improvements, or added amenities. Using the right approach to training development and execution will ensure that your investment will pay off.

Amanda Kreamer

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