Casino Reputation Measurement and Improvement


Online reviews have a direct impact on your casinos bottom line. A one-star rating increase, leads to a 5% – 9% increase in revenue according to Harvard Business Review. Research also shows that 80% of guests will reverse a purchase decision after reading a negative online review. Google now uses online reviews and part of your rankings and your customers see the reviews if they look at a map to find your casino! Did I mention that 70% of people believe online reviews and only 10% trust your advertising…

Casino Reputation is a business tool that every casino needs!

Getting your customer casino reputation report is the first step to knowing all what is being said about your casino online. Knowing is the first step and then comes improving!

Casino reviews affect casino profits

A one star increase on Yelp generates a 5% – 9% increase in revenue according to Harvard Business Review

We use proprietary software to scour the major review sites for your casino so you can see what is being said and where it’s being said. We pull your casinos reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. (Many of our clients also have us do custom reports for a number of their competitors so they see what is being said about them too!)

Casino Reputation on iPad

Guests trust casino reviews more than ads!

All your casino reviews in one custom monthly casino reputation report. Know what guests are saying about your casino – and have them in your easy to review and share monthly report. We know that by knowing what is being said about your casino you can make necessary improvements to give your guests the ultimate service experience

Don’t waste time monthly trying to keep up with all your reviews. Knowing what is being said about your casino on all the major review sites is critical to your long term success. As we mentioned a one point increase on Yelp generates a 5% – 9% increase in revenue. Knowing your real score on all review sites it the first step to improving your results.

Know your casinos reputation!

Your casino reputation results and your competitors!

Know monthly how well your casino is doing. You may already use mystery shoppers and that gives you one snap shot of your current customer service. But now online reviews give the average guest the ability to share what they are thinking from any smartphone, tablet or computer. They are sharing and you need to know!

Know and improve. I was reading an FAQ on Yelp and they wrote that reviews are a way to know what customers want improved. Some reviews are valid and they need to be used as a tool to improve your casinos service. After all if you are getting weekly posts about the bad service in your casino it could be a real problem that needs real attention.

Competitor Reports Available too!  Knowing your casino reputation is a great start!  Knowing what is being said about your top competitors is market intelligence.  After all you mystery shop their casino why not also know what their reviews and casino reputation is online.

Report and Analysis. Your monthly report is loaded with the data for your casino but beyond that comes that analysis to let you know what we are seeing and what we recommend to improve it. Yes we have over 20 years of helping casinos measure, manage and improve their service.

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