Video Shows Irony of Beverage Service

We have just released a new video showing the irony of casino beverage service.

I was recently on a Disney cruise and they are very proud of the fact that your server goes with you from restaurant to restaurant.  I mentioned the first night that I drink lots of water.  But to my surprise, I ended up asking for more water at each restaurant even after drinking my water and that of my sons.

After seeing a graphic on this subject from, I decided to have my team create the video not only for fun but also so casino managers could share it with their employees as a service discussion tool.  When casino managers start a discussion about service, employees focus on it again.  The video is about the simple concept that when your drink is full, the server is nearby, but when it’s empty, the server is nowhere to be found.  The video is funny, but it’s no laughing matter when you are at a casino restaurant or slot machine waiting for a beverage.

Casino customer service training should be both fun and educational, and the video – which is less than 10 seconds – was created as a fun way to educate employees about the perception of beverage service.

Casinos often have service standards that are not measurable.  For example, what is the specific standard for refilling a guest’s drink?  Do casino staff wait until the glass is as dry as the Sahara Desert or should it be filled once it’s half empty?

Many casinos also have a gap between the service they deliver and the service standards that they have set.  The service delivery gap is the difference between what the casino actually delivers and what it wants to deliver.  If my team had conducted a Gap Analysis on my Disney experience, it would have shown that when a cruise passenger says he drinks lots of water, the crew should be proactive and prepared to deliver it.

Casinos that want to be successful long term need to view guest service as their true competitive advantage over other gaming properties.  Ultimately service delivery is the competitive difference because all casinos have the same machines and games.

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