Casinos Must Ramp Up Service In Challenging Economic Times

Now more than ever, casinos must ramp up the quality of their guest service.

The struggling global economy and ever-increasing competition in the gaming industry make stellar service a necessity.  It is what can keep guests coming back again and again.

With that in mind, following are some tips on how any casino can polish its guest service. 

Do Your Best for Every Guest.  Each guest who comes to your property is expecting a great gaming experience.  Guests want to have fun and know  that they stand out and that they’re special.  This is a priority for everyone at the casino – employees and managers alike.

Be Observant.  It’s smart to observe guests by watching and paying attention.  By watching what they do and how they do it, employees have an opportunity to know what guests want before they ask.  That’s high-level service.  For example, if a guest puts down an empty glass at a machine, bring a refill.  If someone can’t find the restroom, step forward and help them.  That simple act of observation sets a casino apart from the competition and truly impresses guests.

Be Timely.  Casino service needs to be provided in a timely manner.  Guests only have a certain amount of time to play and employees should want to be sure every minute of it is spent at the casino where they work.  The faster guests are served and the more quickly they get what they want, the more likely they are to stay. 

Acknowledge Guests.  Casino guests want to be recognized by the property’s employees.  They may not want their name yelled across the casino floor but they do want to be recognized.  A nod of the head could be just the thing for one guest.  For another, it could be remembering their name.  Recognizing guests is one of those simple things that is greatly appreciated.

Create A Welcoming Atmosphere.  Every casino guest is welcome.  They’re welcome to play, eat, stay in the hotel and swing their clubs on the golf course.  They should feel welcome, not out of place or uncomfortable.  Casino employees should make their guests feel as welcome as an old friend.

Watch Your Tone of Voice.  The way you say something has a huge impact on what people hear.  So be careful about your tone of voice as you interact with guests.  Casinos are noisy.  That’s why your voice needs to cut through, but in a calm, friendly, smiling and welcoming manner.  The way you say words often has more impact than the words themselves.

Have A “Yes I Can” Attitude.  No matter what a guest wants, no matter when they want it and no matter which department is responsible, you need to have a “yes I can” attitude.  Sure, the request may be outside your area of expertise, but you need to come through for your guest with a cheerful, “Yes, I can do that.”  Your guest will remember and appreciate your effort.

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