Casinos Must Stop Renting Guests!

Casinos that offer special deals to lure guests during these slow economic times are making the mistake of renting players instead of emphasizing superior guest service that can generate repeat and new business.

Casinos may attract guests with specials, but those people will fade away once the specials are gone.  That’s the same thing as renting guests and that does not create future growth.  Only stellar service can help a casino cope with today’s economy and lay the foundation for future success.

Following are some tips on how casinos can keep guests playing today and tomorrow.

Think of Players As Guests.  Try to think of the people who play at the casino as guests rather than customers.  A customer is someone who buys a good or a service.  A guest is a person who receives hospitality or is entertained.  In the gaming business, your goal is to have guests.  It’s important that you think of people who walk through your door as guests.  If it helps, think of them as people who are coming into your home.

Make Guests Happy.  Everyone wants to be happy and casino guests are no different.  Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to make them happy, but that’s not necessarily difficult.  Above and beyond is simply remembering a guest likes two olives in their drink or that they prefer a specific game.

Make Guests Welcome.  All guests should feel welcome so they can enjoy themselves.  Every guest is welcome to play, eat, stay in the hotel and swing their clubs on the golf course.  They should feel welcome, not out of place or uncomfortable.  Your job is to monitor your attitude and actions so you don’t give the impression that guests are a bother.

There Are No Exceptions to Providing Service.  Casino employees cannot get away with failing to provide great service to everyone.  Players who sit at nickel slots for an entire evening are not an exception to the rule of offering good guest service.  They deserve a great experience as much as guests who play tens of thousands of dollars per hand.  Every guest deserves a great gaming experience each time they visit your casino.  No exceptions!

Be Knowledgeable.  It is critical for casino employees to be knowledgeable about their job responsibilities and how they can better serve guests.  You also want to be knowledgeable about what’s happening around your property so you can help guests when they have questions.  Knowledge gives you the power to make things better for your property, your guests and yourself.  The more you know, the better.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.