CEOs, GMs Let Policies Hinder Their Casino’s Future Profitability

Casino Chief Executive Officers, General Managers Let Internal Policies Hinder Their Property’s Growth, Says Robinson & Associates, Inc. 
Casino chief executive officers and general managers need a word of caution – they are letting internal policies get in the way of their property’s growth.  They probably don’t know it, but policies that frustrate customers are preventing them from creating guest advocates, the very people they need to generate repeat business, new business and ever-increasing revenues and profits.  Guest advocates are way beyond satisfied or loyal.  They love a particular casino so much that they play only at that property and recommend it to friends and relatives.  Casino executives need employee advocates, too, but employees who must enforce these policies can also become frustrated. 
“If CEOs and GMs insist on adhering to policies that are anti-advocate, they are damaging the symbiotic relationship among all their departments as they work together to create a successful property.  How can marketing attract and keep new guests, how can human resources retain talented employees and how can the chief financial officer chart a course for profitability if frustration is the name of the game?
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.