Crank Up Service to Help Casino Guests Take A Break

If ever there was a time when people needed to get away from it all and relax, this is it.  The economy may be technically improving and the jobs picture may be somewhat brighter, but things definitely could be better.  I’ve lost count of the wars and revolutions going on in the world.  Did I mention ever-increasing gas prices?

Casinos can help folks unwind but are they actually doing everything they can to help people forget life’s challenges for a while?  There is one sure-fire way to do that and it involves providing outstanding guest service.  Now more than ever, that service must be cranked up. 

Management can start on the road to stellar service by insisting that their casino provide realistic employee orientations.  Good service starts with what new hires are told.  Don’t bludgeon new staff members with the 10,000 ways they can get fired.  Give them a realistic job preview and a solid understanding of management expectations.  Give new hires credit for being intelligent people.  Clearly explain what it’s like to work on the casino floor and how they can do a good job there.  When they do succeed, the quality of service rises.

Employees and managers can boost service by watching their casino’s ads on TV.  Most likely, those ads show guests having the time of their lives because they are winning.  Everyone knows the odds favor the house, so employees and managers need to hold a brain-storming session to come up with ideas on how to make sure guests are smiling and laughing for other reasons.  It is critical that employees be deeply involved in this creative process because they are more likely to implement ideas they suggest. 

If employees and managers know their guests, they should be able to develop solutions custom-made for their property.  The operative word here is “custom-made.”  This makes their casino stand out for specific reasons and encourages people to visit again and again to relive the experience they can get only at that property.  When guests want to unwind, they know to go to XYZ Casino because that’s where they can have the kind of fun they desire.

The brain-storming session should generate an action plan with employees assigned to do specific things to polish service and give guests a memorable gaming experience. 

The next step is critical and falls squarely on the shoulders of middle managers.  Managers must offer praise and encouragement every time they see employees doing things outlined in the action plan.  Don’t wait a few days or a week to give someone an “attaboy” or pat on the back.  Do it the moment the employee does what he or she is expected to do.  That way, the employee makes the connection at the right moment in time.  This is called reward and recognition.  Believe it or not, but most people respond to praise.  It spurs them on to try to do even better.  People like being recognized for doing a good job and it’s no stretch to say that casino employees actually crave it.  

These days, people need a get-away-from-it-all destination of choice.  This is a
golden opportunity for casinos to do their fair share to make that happen.  If they step up to the plate, they will also do themselves a favor by giving people a reason to unwind in a casino.

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