Create Refuge for Casino Guests With Outstanding Customer Service

Casinos are losing one of their traditional roles in the entertainment industry – providing a refuge from the troubles of the outside world.

I read a newspaper article recently that said movie theater ticket sales are doing well.  It noted that industry insiders say movies have long been a refuge for the masses during economic downturns.

People do need to get away and they used to flock to casinos to do that.  We all know that isn’t happening right now.  So what can you do to make your casino a refuge again?  I am convinced that the answer is as simple as getting back to the basics of good service.  Quality service then leads to the ultimate goal – creating an outstanding gaming experience.

Casino employees need to start thinking about some rather vague words and phrases that relate to having a good experience and then find ways to put them into action. 

Take the word “great,” for example.  Guests should have a great time at your casino.  Every person who walks out of your property should leave feeling great.  If you do the right thing, if you help them in every way you can and make sure employees treat them like a guest, chances are they will have a bounce in their step as they leave.  Odds are they will already be upbeat the next time they come to play because they will anticipate a great experience.

The phrase “good time” is another example.  Many people patronize casinos simply to have a good time and nothing more.  Guests know in the back of their mind that the chances of winning are fairly slim.  But they’re OK with that because they come to your property to have fun and escape for awhile.  Make sure employees understand that good times must be part of guests’ experience.

“Unbelievable” – that’s the kind of experience your guests must have.  They must be in awe of how much fun they had and how nice everyone was.  When guests visit your property, they must have an unbelievable experience they can take home.  That’s what they have to show for the time and money they spent at your casino.

What about the word “warmth”?  Guests don’t want to walk into a place that feels sterile and cold.  They want your casino to project warmth and personality.  Employees are a major part of making that happen.  Their smiles and eye contact help guests feel warm and welcome.

This may sound a little corny, but if your guests had such a wonderful time at your property that they had to make up a word to describe their feelings, “yowza” would be ideal.  If you can find a way to get people to actually exclaim “yowza!” because they had so much fun, well, you’ve done your job.

There are plenty of other words that describe the kind of gaming experience casinos need to deliver – exceptional, stupendous, marvelous.  Sure, they’re vague, but all it takes is the right word to get casino employees thinking about ways they can make that word happen.  I firmly believe casinos can reclaim their rightful place as a refuge for people in tough times.  These days, people want and need to get out and get away.  Give them a reason to come to your place.

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