Customer Service = Competitiveness

Top-notch customer service is a valuable survival tool for casinos in today’s highly competitive gaming industry.  Good service is one way they can set themselves apart from the competition and encourage guests to pay a visit.


Here are seven tips on the importance of customer service and how to improve it.


 Number 1 – People rarely tell you what you’re doing wrong, but they are more than happy to talk behind your back.  When you have great customer service, they will talk behind your back in a manner that benefits your business.


Number 2 – To provide outstanding customer service, an employee must understand what it is.  It’s the manager’s responsibility to define good service for

employees and then set realistic and achievable customer service goals.


Number 3 – Good service results in longer and more frequent casino visits.  The length and frequency of these visits are directly proportional to revenue.


Number 4 – Longer and more frequent visits translate into more gratuities for employees.  Staff members can earn as much as 20 more in tips. 


Number 5 – The collateral benefit of improved gratuities is improved morale and employee retention.


Number 6 – Casino management that rewards its employees for excellence achieved on a daily basis will realize fiscal benefits quickly.


Number 7 – The choice to provide exceptional customer service is a daily commitment.  Providing quality service does not always come naturally.  It usually is something that must be learned and practiced.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.