Does Your Casino Customer Service Training Result in Stellar Service?

So you think your casino’s customer service training is translating into great service?  Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

One way to settle this is for your employees to take the following true-or-false customer service quiz.  All it requires is honesty and a few minutes of their time.  By the way, all employees with any degree of customer contact should take the quiz – from general managers to beverage servers.  After all, everyone who works at a casino should consider themselves to be in the customer service business.

Answer the following questions by circling ”True” or “False.”

1.  When a guest walks in the door, I smile and welcome them.  True/False.
2.  I offer to get a fresh drink when I see a customer’s glass is empty.  True/False.
3.  When I see litter on the floor, I pick it up and dispose of it.  True/False.
4.  I consider each guest to be of the utmost importance to my casino’s success.  True/False.
5.  I casually observe guests to anticipate their needs and then step forward to meet those needs.  True/False.
6.  I arrive for work on time.  True/False.
7.  I arrive for work prepared to start my shift.  True/False.
8.  I familiarize myself with the buffet menu each day so I am prepared to make recommendations for guests who ask.  True/False.
9.  I maintain a positive, can-do attitude as I perform my job.  True/False.
10.  I greet repeat customers by name when I know they appreciate the recognition.  True/False.
11.  I leave my personal problems at home so I can focus on doing my best for each guest.  True/False.
12.  I maintain good posture so I look approachable.  True/False.
13.  When a customer speaks to me, I closely listen so I understand what they are communicating.  True/False.
14.  Consistently good service is one of my top priorities.  True/False.
15.  I am courteous to guests at all times.  True/False.
16.  I understand that gaming is a form of entertainment for guests and that I am part of the entertainment.  True/False.
17.  I strive to make each guest’s gaming experience a fun one.  True/False.
18.  I am genuinely interested in my guests and the kind of gaming experience they want to have.  True/False.
19.  When a guest asks for something, I respond immediately.  True/False.
20.  When a guest looks as if they are trying to find something, such as the restroom or the buffet, I ask if I can be of assistance.  True/False.
21.  When it comes to guest service, I take pride in a job well done.  True/False.
22.  I am kind to my guests.  True/False.
23.  I help co-workers who are struggling to provide good service.  True/False.
24.  There are no exceptions to providing great service.  True/False.
25.  I am patient with guests who are older.  True/False.
26.  I praise co-workers who provide great service.  True/False.
27.  I ask questions when communicating with a guest to make sure I understand them.  True/False.
28.  All casino employees must work together as a team to provide great service.  True/False.
29.  When talking with guests, I make sure my voice has a calm, friendly and welcoming tone.  True/False.
30.  Providing great guest service is my opportunity to shine.  True/False.

So how did your employees do?  Did the training they receive help them answer to yes to most of the questions?  It’s up to them to decide whether their answers reflect that they are truly good at providing great service.  Even if they think they came off looking pretty good, it’s likely they found a few ideas that will help take their service skills to a higher level.  And if they think they could do better, these questions certainly provide an outstanding foundation for becoming a guest service superstar.

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