Come On — Don’t Be A Re-Giftmas Grinch!




1.  A person or thing that spoils or dampens the pleasure of others.

2.  A person who is mean-spirited and unfriendly.


Don’t Be A ‘Re-Giftmas’ Grinch! 

Where’s the fun in that?  Here are some guidelines to help you avoid the pitfalls of being a Grinch during the “12 Days of Re-Giftmas.”

  • A Grinch receives a smile but doesn’t give one back.  A Grinch gets all the love others have to offer but does not return the gesture.
  • A Grinch absolutely does not believe in re-gifting the good things in life.
  • An unexpected surprise would delight just about anyone, but not a Grinch.  A Grinch is way too self-centered for that.

Only A Grinch Wouldn’t Enjoy the “12 Days of Re-Giftmas”

  • Simple things can be re-gifted this holiday season, but a Grinch always misses the opportunity to brighten someone’s day.
  • Bliss and delight usually come with re-gifting, but not for a Grinch.  Why?  Because a Grinch doesn’t re-gift in the first place!  Here’s an unofficial Grinch quote we found:  “Help me.  I’m feeling.”  That says it all.
  • If you’re a Grinch, there’s no way you will feel the side effects of re-gifting – feeling happy, proud and even good about yourself.
  • Gifts and  presents are not the same thing.  A Grinch is more than happy to receive a present but is not about to make it a gift by turning it into a moment of joy for someone else.
  • Those who are really into the “12 Days of Re-Giftmas” are good at sharing a simple act of kindness.  But a Grinch … well, what a Grinch does should be clear by now.

OK then.  Don’t be a Re-Giftmas Grinch!  That’s one problem that’s easy to avoid this holiday season.  Let yourself go and enjoy the “12 Days of Re-Giftmas.”


Lydia Baird

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