Effective Internal Communication Supports Casino Improvement

Effective internal communication that reaches across the entire property is crucial to successful implementation of organizational improvement at casinos.

In “Culture, Leadership and Power:  The Keys to Organizational Change,” Ronald W. Clement referenced a study by Larry Smeltzer.  Clement said Smeltzer’s study found that the most common reason for failure to improve is the spreading of inaccurate and negative rumors resulting from the inability of management to provide accurate and timely information to the staff. 

Smeltzer found two other reasons for failure, according to Clement.  Those were (1) employees learning about the change or improvement from outsiders because of a total lack of communication from management and (2) management’s reliance on “lean” communication, such as memos or e-mail, rather than face-to-face meetings.

My company has published a white paper that helps casinos understand what is involved in rolling out organizational improvements that can result in greater success in the future.  Those interested in obtaining a copy of the white paper should e-mail Marilyn Kuhnert, our client development specialist, at mkuhnert@casinocustomerservice.com or call her at 623-486-9090.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.