Five Crucial Steps to Rolling Out A Quality Guest Service Program

Launching of a casino guest service program does not have to be tied to the beginning of a new year and the planning process leading up to it.  It’s never too late to start a guest service program and reap the rewards.  Fall is just around the corner and now is as good a time as any for casinos to get their service plans in motion.

Following are five steps to starting, implementing and maintaining a guest service plan.

Number 1:  Review and revise your standards.  Focus first on your existing service standards and be sure to take a hard look at guests’ standards.  You need to know where your standards are today and where your guests want them to be.  Set standards that meet or exceed guests’ needs.

Number 2:  Get management to buy in.  Outstanding service must start at the top with a commitment and a pledge of support from management.  This attitude must spread to all staff members and management must visibly support the execution of a guest service plan on a daily basis.

Number 3:  Give staff members the necessary skills.  Few people naturally excel at providing good service.  Your employees will need training to learn these new service skills.

Number 4:  Reward, reward, reward.  Once the staff has the necessary skills, they need a reason to use them.  Create and launch a reward and incentive program.  Focus on the positive and let employees know they’re doing a good job.

Number 5:  Make service an ongoing commitment.   No one will buy into a guest service program if they think it’s just the management idea de jour.  Keep the program going and make it the backbone of your casino.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.